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...the different artistic personalities make the CeCe Dance Company and its works.


Künstlerische Leitung / Choreographin / TänzerIn
Artistic Director / Choreograph / Dancer 
​Cécile Ströhla | sie/ihr /she/her her hometown in Southern Germany she started with ballet as a child, afterwards her way led her to Karlsruhe, where she intensified and deepened her knowledge of ballet besides her studies of biology and came in contact with contemporary dance.

For the season 2009/2010 she was engaged as a dancer at the Schauspielhaus of the Staatstheater Karlsruhe. Several projects, dance and first teaching experiences in and around Karlsruhe followed. She then completed her contemporary dance training as a state-certified stage dancer at Danceworks Berlin e.V., which she successfully completed in 2013. 

Since then, Cécile Ströhla has been a freelance dancer,

dance teacher and choreographer in Berlin, she choreographs and dances in independent projects, including film and video productions.
She also teaches at various dance schools in Berlin and has since choreographed dance pieces for young people that are shown at Berlin dance festivals. 
In addition, Cécile Ströhla is regularly on stage performing her own pieces at various dance festivals, among other things her duets "Heaviness of Package" 2015, "A long with me" 2019, her solo pieces "From-Inside-Out" 2016 and "Breathe" 2021. 


Cécile Ströhla founded the CeCe Dance Company in 2020, she is  director and choreographer of the company, which is based in Berlin.


Tänzerin / Dancer

Julia Pohlisch

...lives and works as a freelance dancer and dance teacher in Berlin.After graduating from the Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin and studying dance pedagogy at the Palucca Schule Dresden, she earned her Master of Arts in Dance Studies at the Freie Universität Berlin and teaches ballet and contemporary dance. International study visits and workshops took her to New York, San Francisco, Dublin, the Netherlands and Santiago de Chile, among others, for further education. In numerous free artistic projects she has worked with Xavier Le Roy, José Biondi, Maricel Alvarez, Emilio Garcia Wehbi and Sita Ostheimer, among others. She danced in the Lavamover Company with Anne Gieseke and danced with SR & Company. In commercial dance, Julia has been hired as a dancer for Gore Verbinski's film "A Cure for Wellness", Tom Tykwer's series "Babylon Berlin" and the Channel 4 series "HUMANS" in addition to various music videos.

In 2022, she founded Lorette & B. Company to do creative dance work with young, non-professional but ambitious dance students, in their free - time and to develop dance pieces for them. 


Tänzer/ Dancer
Guillaume Lemoine

...has an atypical path that begins with architecture that he studied at the Paris-Malaquais school between 2013 and 2018. Period during which he becomes familiar with artistic performance and its possibilities in terms of interactions of the scenographic object and the body.

Later, in parallel with a training at the Conservatoire de Créteil in Jazz Dance, he pursued a research approach through the Dance Department of the University of Paris 8 where he validated a degree in Performing Arts in 2019. Thus expanding his choreographic knowledge, he thrives in the work of intersectional analysis, linking gesture reading, history, anthropology and philosophy.

After two years of training as a dancer/performer at CFA Danse-Chant-Comédie in Paris, followed by a year of professionalization in Berlin’s DART company program, he now works as a contemporary dancer for various projects between Germany and France.

He demonstrates his strong taste for improvisation and instant composition techniques by mixing the diversity of the potentials of contemporary writing, the foundations of Jazz culture, and the richness of the sonorities of music of all styles and eras, that he loves to nurture and renew in his infinite possibilities, creativity and movement.

Alongside his experiences as a choreographic artist with Fabio Liberti, Human Fields, Eva Papadopoulos and Armelle Cornillon, He is also interested in pedagogical aspects and the accompaniment of the professional dancer by preparing his state diplomas of dance teacher in Jazz and Contemporary, as well as by training in the practice of therapeutic Shiatsu.

Petra bild_edited_edited_edited_edited.j

Tänzerin / Dancer 
Petra Jansson a contemporary dance artist from Sweden. She completed her studies at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London and then moved to Berlin to study at DART Dance Company. During her time in Berlin she has worked with and performed pieces by choreographers such as Dor Mamalia, Dariusz Nowak and Fabio Liberti, and appeared in dance films including Dighnasty which was nominated for the Cannes Film Festival 2023. She has also worked as an assistant dancer for Chrysanthi Badekas workshop Framing Motion at B12 and taught her own dance workshops focusing on improvisation and release techniques in Sweden. Apart from dancing Petra has created choreographic work such as Notes Between Three which was shown at Cordillera in Berlin. Additionally, she has studied courses in Gender Studies, Indigenous Feminism, Postcolonial Feminism and Queer theory, which influences her work and creation processes as a dancer and artist. 


Tänzerin/ Dancer

Ann Francis Ang a Berlin-based dance artist from San Francisco, professionally trained in contemporary and ballet along with waacking and hustling styles. Ann Francis received her bachelor degree in dance at Adelphi University in New York and her masters degree in Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School, then moved to Berlin to continue her professional career as a performer and educator. Since then she has worked with choreographers and companies such as Alleyne Dance, Ramona Sekulovic, Joy Alpuerto Ritter and Lukas Steltner, fachbetrieb rita grechen, amongst others. Her self-choreographed solo 'Makaya' premiered at the Playground Theatre in London and has since been presented at MODArts Film Festival in New York and Evenings on the Valley in Berlin. Ann Francis also works administratively as the Company Coordinator for Alleyne Dance. 

Komponist / Composer
Alexandre Haudiquet a multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and composer trained in Paris, Montréal and Berlin. With his Chamäléon project, he moves through a variety of musical genres and sound worlds. Fascinated by visual and stage art, he regularly applies his craft to exhibitions, films, dance and theater performances. His personal aesthetic explores social, technological, and environmental themes. Recently, his art has been presented on an interdisciplinary level.


Tänzerin / Dancer
Nolwenn Samson 

...was born in France, she began her education at the Conservatoire de Paris with music and dance. After graduating, she studied at Rick Odum's International Jazz School of Dance for three years. There she graduated in anatomy, music theory and history of dance. After working in Paris as a performer and choreographer, she moved to Madrid in 2017 to study with Elephant in the Black Box Company to study. She performed there for a year and then moved to Berlin to work as a freelancer. In Berlin she worked with Jonathan Kolskiin the duet that premiered in Berlin. 

"Ti /l\ t", she performed in outdoor performances for Kianni del Valle and Jonathan Kolski. Since 2019 she also works continuously as a dancer for Léon Barande and last year created her first piece " Carnet n.1 It's a first " in Brittany, France.


Tänzer / Dancer 
Sergio Guerra Abril | they/them a contemporary dancer now living in Berlin. He received his Bachelor of Sience degree in Mathematics and Dance from the American University, Washington D.C.. While there he intensified his dance skills in Contemporary Dance, Jazz Dance and Ballet, with various instructors and guest teachers such as Meredith Rainey, Cynthia Guiterrez-Garner, Britta Joy and Erin Foreman-Murray. After his graduation followed several performances and works in the USA and now in Germany among others with Britta Joy in "And now or Hold me" USA, with Judith Sánchez Riuz for Traumabarundkino, Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin, for UDK Berlin Institut für Mode, as well as commercial performances. In his own choreographies he works with mathematical approaches and ideas. He tries to use mathematics as a tool in a choreography and thus create a connection between dance and mathematics.


Tänzer / Dancer
Aaron Vazquez

...was born in Spain and emigrated to Berlin in 2014 to follow his passion for dance. In 2017 he finished his studies to become a professional dancer at "Die Etage". During his studies he participated in several projects, such as the television series "Babylon Berlin", which was filmed in Berlin in 2016-2021. He also danced in the piece "Vogelperspektive", which was successfully shown at the 4th International "Festival of Non-verbal Physical Theatre" in St. Petersburg. In 2018 he showed "DIVΞRSIDΞM", a piece with Rebecca Dirler at Ufer-studios at Alumni.Tanz.Berlin festival in May.In September, he danced in "The Players," by choreographer Edan Gorlicki at the International Dance Festival in Erfurt. In early 2019, he performed in the piece "The Fairy Queen" in Erfurt and created a duet titled "Fingerprints", which was shown as part of "Free Dance in Delta IX" in Mannheim. Currently he works for the agency "Dancevertise" & "MoreHuman" and works as a Contemporary Freelancer.


Tänzerin / Dancer
Yuna Lee Reinhardt native born in Berlin and has been passionate about dance since she was a child. Growing up in an artistic and scientific family, she was encouraged to go her own way and express her feelings. Thus, in 2019, she completed the three-year stage dance training at Balance1 in Berlin and attended summer intensives at the Martha Graham Dance School in New York City. She then decided to continue her studies at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, where she was able to refine her artistic artistry. During her studies she worked with choreographers Vanessa Goodman and Valentina Ciardelli, as well as Carly Blackburn and was part of projects of the London College of Fashion and Riot Games. Back in Berlin she is a freelance dancer, model and performer and has close contact with her fellow students from London, which led her to create the masterpiece "0901" together with Cecilia Huang and dancers at The Place London Contemporary Dance School in fall 2021.


Collaboration with Isabel Heidekorn
photographer for the Dance Piece "End without notice"
2020- 2022

...graduated in communication design from the Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel in 2015. Since then she has been working independently in the field of graphic design and photography, since the end of 2016 in Berlin. Her focus is on the field of analog photography. In collaboration with artists from the dance and music scenes, she creates atmospheric photo documentaries that are carried by both the analog technique itself and the dedication with which she works.


For the project End without notice, photographer Isabel Heidekorn collaborates with the

CeCe Dance Company.

The analog photos shown here are by Isabel Heidekorn.

CeCe Dance Company

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